A Spiritual Retreat, Mothman, and the Best Dang Biscuits

So I’ve been thinking about starting this blog since March.  For those of you keeping track, it is now November and I’m just now settling on the topic of my first post.  It’s not because I couldn’t think of anything to write about; it’s because I have far too much to write about!  I envisioned my first post as weaving a tapestry of clever commentary and observations with expert recommendations for accommodations and restaurants to create a magnificent opus that would surely persuade all of you to rush out to whatever destination I recommended.  Are you kidding??  Did you read that sentence?  I wove a tapestry to create an opus… I have no idea what I’m talking about!

In all seriousness, I really do know about travel.  I do it all the time.  I travel often for work and make it a point to do personal travel any chance I get.  Although I am always up for any sort of travel, I do gravitate mostly toward off the beaten path, quirky locations.  I love seeing something I can’t see anywhere else and I love being able to  recommend places to people that they may not have otherwise known about.  And I love getting those recommendations, so by all means, send me any and all suggestions of cool places to visit!!

Now what would the first post in a travel blog be without blogging about travel??  I’ve tossed around a number of locations and experiences to use for my first post and I finally decided I’d write about my favorite place to travel.  Which was a great (and slightly generic) idea until I realized I couldn’t narrow it down.  So instead I will give you my three favorite locations, in all the world, in no particular order.

Mount Shasta, California


I’m going to get really honest with you here because you’re going to hear a lot about this if you keep reading this blog- I am VERY into the paranormal and have been for as long as I can remember.  I am curious about the unknown and love to research and visit any place that has reports of ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, or anything unusual.  I’m definitely a mountain gal and I love rural locations.  Hence my fascination with Mt. Shasta.  For those of you who have not been, GO!  Go now!  This is one of the few places I’ve been that is literally breathtaking, and it has nothing to do with the altitude.  I’m always astounded at how many people I talk to who have never heard of it.

At 14,179 feet, Mount Shasta is known as “where Heaven and Earth meet” and that is no joke, folks.  Not only is the mountain and surrounding area stunningly beautiful, but it is very well-known as being a spiritual mecca, of sorts.  Mount Shasta will be getting her own post (or two) very soon where I’ll go into more detail, but the energy of the place is so overwhelmingly positive that one can’t help but feel at peace there.   That energy and beauty combined with the new-age vibe of the town, the crisp mountain air, and the Volcano Breakfast at the original Black Bear Diner, make Mount Shasta my quintessential happy place.


Point Pleasant, West Virginia

I could easily dedicate an entire blog (not blog post, but BLOG) to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It’s a place I’ve been countless times and it never fails to charm and intrigue. I bet that right now, most of you are wondering, “where the heck is Point Pleasant?” and a few of you are nodding your heads in recognition of a town that will appear in the upcoming Fallout 76 game (sidenote – Fallout happens to be my favorite game of all time, so you can imagine the squeals of delight that happened when I found out that Point Pleasant was going to be featured in Fallout 76). And a small handful of you are smiling knowingly, excited to see that someone else shares your interest in Point Pleasant and all of the paranormal goodies that go along with it.

Mothman Statue

The history of the area is fascinating, and at times, unpleasant and sad. The history of paranormal activity in the area is almost unbelievable (Mothman, anyone?), yet is strangely compelling, confusing, and credible. I can assure you, from firsthand experience, that there are strange happenings in Point Pleasant and have been for many, many years. But those are stories for another post. Or 12…

The bottom line with Point Pleasant is that it is a tiny river town in West Virginia with a past checkered in tragedy, and decades of paranormal activity including Mothman, Men in Black, UFOs, and ghosts. The town embraces its history and the locals are friendly and take great pride in constantly improving their little town with new businesses and events.  Of all places I travel, Point Pleasant always feels like home.

Savannah, Georgia

“Savannah-ooo-na-na! Half of my heart is in Savannah ooo-na-na!” Try my whole heart. Swoon. How can I summarize Savannah in only a few short paragraphs? It can’t be done, especially when I’m taking up precious content space butchering Camila Cabello songs.

Okay, let’s be serious – Savannah is pure perfection, at least in my humble opinion. How could it not be? It has all of my favorite things. Old, historical buildings? Check. Southern hospitality? Check. Mind-bogglingly delicious restaurants? Check. Ghosts? Check. Nancy Drew Bookstore? Check. The most delicious biscuits on the face of the planet?  Check.  Permission to walk around in the streets with alcoholic beverage in hand? Check.


I’ve only been to Savannah three times but it is becoming increasingly difficult to come home. I was last there in September (keep an eye out for a post on that entire trip including side trips in Charleston, SC, Brevard, NC, and Gatlinburg, TN), and if it wasn’t for missing my family and two adorable cats, I could have been easily persuaded to just move right on in to a beautifully restored historic house with wraparound porch, gas lamps, and live-in ghost.


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